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I am a past client
 Nov 2016
As a elder john was great for wills and my wife estate. He go thigh comments from fellow lawyers. But as a court lawyer he is not so good. He lied to me after a few months into the case. He let the case for on for months when it was suppose to be heard within sixty days. He let Hall and Hal dictate the process in the courts. He never let me defend myself and he agreed that the case was built on lies. He told me that I could be appointed conservator for my wife. He told me there was no reason not to be appointed. l went back a year later and asked him if I had all the court papers and he said yes. I was in his office for about five minutes and he charged me one hundred dollars which as OK if he had told me the truth. I saw five other lawyers and they told me there was something wrong. I went to the court house four time to look at the papers. Each time I found some papers that he had not given me. In April 2016 I found the reason I was not appointed conservator. Another lawyer had wrote somethings very bad things about me and gave to the judge. I never got to see the papers or defend myself. I feel my rights was violated in the whole case and John is a bad court lawyer. He told me that there was not an appeal process. I found out almost a year later that there was one but it had to be file within three weeks. Which was another lie from John.