Inn at Amethyst

18172 N 91st Ave Peoria AZ 85382 (888) 848-5698

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I am a past client
 Jan 2017
Do not place your loved one at Inn at Amethyst!!!! My mother was there for 5 years. There are many ongoing issues with this facility mainly the understaffing. There have been days when there was only ONE caregiver to take care of all the memory care residents. When you then wonder why your loved one keeps getting bedsores, it is probably because there is not enough staff to change them every 2 hours (as is their policy) and they are sitting in urine soaked diapers for 8 or more hours! That is called neglect! There is very little supervision of the memory care residents. Sometimes an hour goes by before I see any one around. I could go on and on and on, especially about the food. Yes, it is not the greatest especially with staff that do not care. The management staff has a very rapid turnover. The staff that is in place now all seem very nice and concerned about their residents but don’t let that fool you. They do not care in the least. They are unethical, dishonest and unprofessional. There are a few caregivers that have been there for a long time that are very sweet and caring but they do not make up for the unethical management staff. We have moved my mom out to a place where there are more staff and more care. The bottom line is: Do not let the first impression fool you……this facility is not one I would recommend to anyone, even my worst enemy. AVOID THIS PLACE!

Very Happy With The Facility
 Aug 2015
I think that every individual is different and for my mother-in-law, she has had a harder time interacting based on her condition and she is further away from the community facility. I think they a... read more