Highland Manor

2 Highland Manor Drive Schwenksville PA 19473 (888) 848-5698
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 Jan 2018
I have been here 3 years and not much has changed. After complaining and being asked to leave several times after seeking aid from the board of health, the township and a state representative, I was told by manager that I was causing her problems! There are bedbugs, decayed window sills, black mold. I have posted photos of when I first moved in and that is what I was trying to get fixed especially things that were causing me health issues. If you are a senior, your back and legs will just love the indoor/outdoor carpet you have. And, the unhealthly washer and dryers that tenants pay for, are not cleaned. A few things have been fixed, however, spray painting over tiles that have major water leaks and visable mold to me is not fixing the black mold issues? The place after arguing with them was somewhat painted. The black mold was power-washed off the outside of the building and the decayed window sills were replaced and cleaned up which were laden with bug infested dirt.the indoor common area just had all chairs and tables removed, so if you want to meet to talk (gossip), then you can no longer meet in this common area. I also was told that all outside benches for sitting are also being removed? There is really no one in charge, manager is only here maybe 2 days a week and the maintenance man should only be handling tenant problems. My health has gone down hill while being here and wait lists are up to10 years? I would say all repairs are done cheaply and band-aided