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Emerson married Sylvia (fictional characters, but representative of people helped by Garrison LawHouse, PC) after he served time in Korea as a Marine. After discharge, he became an FBI agent investigating organized crime. Sylvia never doubted Emerson’s sexual fidelity, but she was painfully aware that his first love and greatest loyalty were for The Bureau. G-men did not make a lot of money, so Sylvia worked part-time editing children’s books. As a result, they had a comfortable home in Beverly Hills and a modest seven-figure net worth by the time they reached the fateful age mentioned in the Beatles’ tune.
It was a dark and stormy life, with intervals of sunshine and balmy breezes for Emerson and Sylvia, but nothing could have prepared them for the catastrophe that struck after 40 years of a rollercoaster marriage. They were devastated by a metaphorical earthquake that would have measured 7.2: Emerson’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Sylvia swears that she heard glass shattering and steel beams crashing when the diagnosis was pronounced. The aftershock was almost as bad when Sylvia realized the financial implications of Emerson’s disease -- nursing care costs were more than $5,000 per month at that time and today it is $7,000, or more.

Neurologists and care managers helped the couple understand Emerson’s condition and learn to find joy in their time together. Sylvia spends much time with Emerson and he seems to enjoy her company. Sylvia’s mental equilibrium was also greatly helped by experienced Elder Law attorneys.

Money was never Sylvia’s primary concern, but she recognized the financial catastrophe hovering over her. The attorneys at Garrison LawHouse, PC orchestrated a comprehensive strategy using Emerson and Sylvia’s income and assets, health and long-term care insurance, VA benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid to protect Sylvia’s financial security. Despite 15 years of high care costs, their net worth has not been eroded and Sylvia looks forward to a rose-tinted financial future.

Elder Law requires broad expertise in estate, disability and tax planning, administrative law, litigation, government benefits, and insurance issues. It also requires expertise in administration and management of trusts and estates, elder abuse, fraud recovery cases, and other legal areas. Most importantly, Elder Law requires great empathy and problem-solving skills. The attorneys at Garrison LawHouse, PC listen to your concerns and respond to your needs.