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I am a past client
 Jul 2016
Do not use feinberg consulting if you have any serious injuries like a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury!!! Pam feinberg intentionally worked with the aaa auto insurance to cover up my traumatic brain injury!!!!! After I was diagnosed with complex partial seizures, aphasia, ptsd and sustained serious extremity injuries! Ms. Feinberg was called in cause of a serious reinjury! Feinberg consulting / pam feinbergs report written on the feinberg letterhead ms. Feinberg wrote "rule out brain injury" as instructed by aaa insurance! Again I stress I had already been diagnosed with brain injury! Pam feinberg made a fraudulent report using one of her doctors on a string. Feinberg also accused me of having an "affair with my adjuster' after I had just had suffered an additional re-injury and could not even function and was terrified about my future. Feinberg is a very manipulative deviant case manipulator!! After this every aaa adjuster have bullied me!! She left trail of agony and pain. I never received any medical access for my brain injury, which has ruined my life, all because ms. Feinberg lied to the insurance company. Before feinberg the insurance company was actually helpful after feinberg brutally ruthless. Pam feinberg also made aaa discontinue all of my benefits immediately after she was hired. When she knew I was suffering from a reinjury! My horrific experience is that pam feinberg is a malicious, ruthless manipulative pathalogical liar and sadistic sociopath.