Farmington Square at Medford

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I am a past client
 Aug 2017
I did not have a good experience with Farmington Square Medford. My mom lost 30lbs in a year. Since she has been living with me the last two months she's gained over 10 pounds back. There were numerous things missing out of her room, like all of her personal bath towels. Her mattress cover was exchanged for an old yucky one. She threw things away and common sense would suggest checking the garbage before it was dumped. She threw things over the fence, so I suggested putting a higher fence up. The more I complained the less they did. There was no cable for the folks for over a year. Ants were constantly in her room. Paid for pet care and when I picked my mom to take her out of there, the litter was soaking wet and stunk to high heaven, with 2 boxes of litter sitting beside it. They want people to dump their loved ones off and never come back. She was in level 2 care out of 4 levels. I DO NOT RECOMMEND FARMINGTON SQUARE.

This facility will be a calm and steady ship for any storm you are weathering.
 Nov 2015
This facility has the absolute best employees I have ever worked with. Two weeks ago my 75 yr old Mom died suddenly leaving behind my step-dad, who is 82, blind, has dementia, fragile, a fall risk ... read more