Eugene Good Samaritan Center

3500 Hilyard Street Eugene OR 97405 (888) 848-5698
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 Jul 2017
If I could choose no stars I would. I went to visit a friend in their skilled nursing rehabilitation unit. It sounds to me that they have upgraded their therapy equipment and are doing an ok job with the actual therapy. However, as of today she has been there 5 days, asked for a shower several times and didn't get one. She says there is only one CNA and one RN on duty at a time and that they are charged with 14 rooms currently. She is a stroke patient and cannot walk on her own. They took her to the bathroom last night to brush her teeth and wash her face and left her there with her call light on for over 45 minutes. The housekeeping people have not been in to clean at all. She said the floors are so dirty the bottoms of her and guest’s feet were black when they got into bed. Many years ago, I worked in this facility as a CNA, their quality of life and providing a safe environment for their patients has drastically gone downhill and I'm highly disappointed.