E F and Bertha Kruse Memorial Lutheran Village

1700 East Stone Street Brenham TX 77833 (888) 848-5698

Reviews for E F and Bertha Kruse Memorial Lutheran Village

 Aug 2017
Some close friends of my late parents moved to Kruse Village in the past year and I have visited them twice now since their children in Austin are busy and travel a lot. They are a younger, still active, retired couple (mid-70s-early 80s) and live in the Kruse cottages which are nice houses/duplexes with one or two-car garages and even mailboxes! They volunteer at the Senior Center and swim at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center weekly (they supposedly get a free membership since they live at Kruse). Anyway, they LOVE it there and have so many friends now that they play cards with/eat with. They all go on lots of fun-sounding day trips with their neighbors in the Kruse bus. They never stop talking about all they're doing! It's really the nicest retirement place I've ever seen. They have an assisted living, Alzheimer's area, rehab and nursing home all on site and available if one of them should ever need it down the road. I think that's probably a big reason they chose this place - it truly has it all! So, I have definitely been impressed with the people, the grounds and the overall vibe at Kruse Village and would recommend it to anyone.