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I am a past client
 Jan 2018
Culpepper Garden was the answer to our family's prayers. When we needed a safe, caring environment for our Mom, we found it there. Culpepper has cozy 1-bedroom apartments; an excellent staff that is professional, responsive, friendly, and truly dedicated to its residents; lots of fun social activities; and cheerful, well-maintained facilities. We visited our Mom several times a week and were able to spend quality time with her there, giving us great peace of mind and making us forever grateful.

I am a past client
 Dec 2017
Culpepper Garden provided an environment that truly increased my mother’s quality of life. There are many social activities, games, and educational and artistic events to get residents out of their apartments. The staff are incredibly friendly and genuinely compassionate to the residents. The quality of care and safe environment made my mother and our family very confident that Culpepper Garden was the best choice for mom.

I am a current client
 Dec 2017
Thanks to Gloria, Director of Admission, I am at Culpepper Garden (CG) Independent Living Section. The rent I pay for my 400 sq ft studio apartment is one third of rent at other apartments. My building is clean and very well maintained. I look out the window, I see tall trees. I look down, I see garden with exotic plants. There is a fish pond nearby with a small water fall. I have wall to wall closet, regular sized kitchen appliance. The Variety Shop, run by CG volunteers provide my personal needs. Many residents volunteer their times work closely with the management. The management staff are friendly. Marsha, Director of Resident Services is exceptionally helpful. She is available any time when I needed her help no matter how busy she is. CG residents come from all over the world. There are many languages spoken. I enjoy talking with some of them and get to know their countries. There are numerous events and workshops I attend. The current event discussion group was led by a well-known lobbyist. There are work hops to teach me how to manage my finance, to provide current information about my Social Security and Medicare, and what to do to prevent falling. I have a small garden plot where I planted flowers and vegetables. My friends and I would go out and eat at local restaurants and take trips sponsored by Arlington County. By the way, CG Assisted Living Units. is one of its kind for low income residents, and the only one in Arlington.