Cranberry Lake

9620 Highland Road White Lake MI 48386 (888) 848-5698
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I am a current client
 Oct 2017
Living at Cranberry Lake Mobile Home Community is like a slice of Heaven! When I first located here 16 years ago, it was my intent to make it a temporary move until I could find permanent housing in one of the nearby communities. WRONG... When my head hit my pillow that first evening, and I experienced the wonderful silence, I knew I had found my home. Each day as I walk my loving dog Honey along the many avenues, I am introduced to a multitude of warm and friendly residents who take the time to engage in conversation and share their good will. The term " trailer park" too often has a negative meaning... that is until I tell my friends and family that my home is CRANBERRY LAKE! I will often take these same people on a motor tour of our community. What a joy to hear comments such as "A lake? Do you have a boat?", or "Major stores so close!". My favorite, of course, is the fitness room!! When I boast to doctors or nurses that I exercise regularly, they are impressed! Can't leave out the wonderful staff who always make time to meet and greet and listen to whatever concerns us. I'm convinced the remainder of the staff's time is devoted to brainstorming what is going to be the next project. I'm very pleased with my home, my neighbors, and Cranberry Lake!