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951 1st Avenue Coraopolis PA 15108 (888) 848-5698
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 Jan 2018
I was referred to the Coraopolis Towers by the veteran's administration during my search for another apartment. These apartments are for seniors age 62 and over and meeting the required income level as required by HUD. Those with a disability and also veterans are supposed to be given preference to an apartment once one becomes available. I met all the above and after waiting nearly six months I was notified that I was moving up on the list and was called in for an interview. During the interview I told them about my background and previous places where I lived etc. I informed them that my current apartment has a new owner and for the past several years she declined to repair some needed utilities even though I was a tenant for nearly nine years. One of the pressing issues was the toilet would not flush and would backup several times a week. She was advised by several plumbers that the septic system needed replaced but she refused stating she did not have the funds. She then informed me that any further backups caused by human waste it would be my responsibility to have the line cleared. Another issue was the thermostats needed replaced but the best she could do was mark the settings with a black marker. At that point I filed a complaint with the consumer protection agency with the state attorney general. Once she received notice of my actions she decided to have me evicted. I appealed her decision and the matter is now before a state court. I decided to move out.