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I am a past client
 Oct 2017
Should be rated Zero Stars. I reported this facility to the DCFS after taking my 88-year old mother out of Cindy's after only 2 months. Don't put your loved one at this facility. My mom was admitted to the hospital 3 days after being at Cindy's for an upper respiratory/COPD flare-up for the 1st time in her life. Cindy didn't even realize that she needed to call 911. My mother was capable of walking without a walker when she first started living there. After 2 months, she was unable to even stand up, sit down and was wheelchair-bound resulting from lack of exercise and attention. My mom developed severe edema in her feet & ankles about a month after living there. No cardiac issues, so I'd requested that she stay on a low sodium diet, but I found potato chips in her make-up bag, in her bed, and all over her bedroom floor. I can only assume she was fed a poor-quality diet as after being at my home for 1 week the edema was gone. Cindy lied to me and our hospice company about her "Hurricane Plan." I was told that if they lost power for an extended period of time that the women would be taken to a hotel room Cindy reserved. Less than 36 hours after Hurricane Irma I received a text message stating "Come pick-up your mother." She was in such bad shape I never brought her back. Her sleeping pills (regulated by the hospice nurse) were also missing. The house isn't clean, there are 2 dogs (one kept in the kitchen - gated from getting out as it's not friendly) and my mom's laundry smelled of urine.

 Dec 2013
Fabulous, very caring, very clean, very professional, no problems there! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody. read more