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111 Harrilson Road Cherryville NC 28021 (888) 848-5698
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I am a current client
 Sep 2016
Carolina Care Center in Cherryville is one of those rare gems in the profession. It is family owned and the staff genuinely cares about the residents. The home was been rated as one of the best in the country in 2014 by US News and World Report. My wife is here because she has MS and cannot walk. She also has dementia. After my stroke (mild), it became clear that I could no longer be her primary caregiver and that our home was a less than safe place for her. After visiting several nursing homes, her family and my sisters found Carolina Care Center and were impressed with what they saw. The nursing staff is a dedicated group. However, this is the one area in which Carolina Care Center needs to grow. Staff turnover is high in this industry and Carolina Care has experienced its fair share, especially among certified nursing assistants (CNA). Most of the nurses are licensed practical nurses (LPN) and are very good at their jobs. Still, there has been some turnover in that field. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the care my wife receives and highly recommend this facility. I recognize that there will occasionally be lapses (slow response to my wife's calls is my pet peeve - there are days when the staff is swamped). Most people would agree that home is the best place for caregiving. If I had my choice, home would be that place. Sometimes that is difficult to do. My recommendation would be to search out the best option. Carolina Care Center was ours