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1127 Persinger Rd SW Roanoke VA 24015 (888) 848-5698

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 May 2016
Brookdale in Roanoke is marketed as a memory care facility; however, the residents there do not seem to get any care specialized for people with dementia. My father is paying the maximum price for my mother's care. She is in the advanced stage of dementia. The staff, who are supposedly trained to deal with dementia patients, seem to know nothing about it. I went there one Sunday at around 11:00 and there was one staff member there for about 14 dementia patients. The television in the living area was blaring, even though dementia patients prefer quiet environments. They shouldn't even have a television since the people in this pod appeared to be unable to follow a television program. When I got there, my mother was in another patient's room and another patient was standing there, too. It was a situation anyone who deals with dementia patients could see might easily go sideways. I distracted my mother with candy and went down to her room. When I got there, there was urine on her floor with pieces of toilet paper stuck to it as though she had tried to clean it up. Her pants were also wet. I offered her water and she drank three glasses full, so it was apparent no one had offered her anything to drink. I was told by the one staff member that she hadn't eaten breakfast that morning because she didn't want any. My mother needs assistance eating and is unable to ask for food or water when she needs it. There is much more, but no space left.

I am a current client
 May 2016
Brookedale Roanoke is a great place. The staff are so good with the residents and the management is top notch. We couldn't have made a better choice for a community for mom. My only regret is leaving her home too long. We should have moved her sooner!! Oh yea and the recent remodeling really makes this place the best around!

A Really Neat Place
 Sep 2015
It is a really neat place. They really have designed it and catered it around people with memory issues. They are extremely nice to all the resident there and try to get them involved. I like the w... read more