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I am a current client
 Feb 2017
I moved to the Bloomfield Forum five months ago and it has far exceeded my expectations for independent living. The staff and facility provide an elderly person's dream of gracious, neighborly, healthy and secure living at a reasonable cost with all necessary services close by or deliverable if one can no longer drive as is my case. In fact, I haven't missed my car once. Having experienced a variety of housing arrangements in my time, I find the Essex/Forum semi-ownership buy-in approach ideal for building community continuity and shared responsibility while keeping my investment secure. I moved alone from out-of-state sight unseen and the staff worked with me and my Omaha granddaughter to make it as easy and smooth as possible from waiting for my home to sell to settling into my newly refurbished Forum apartment. The staff are all multi-talented gems and super caring taking their cue from an excellent and experienced director. The minute I moved in I completely understood my granddaughter's telephone call after her initial site visit to say, "That's where I want you to live, Grandma." She's still proud of her choice for me every time she visits.

Excellent experience
 Aug 2015
I've had an excellent experience at Bloomfield Forum. This facility has more activities than I can even have time to participate in. They are so accommodating. I have so many friends here. I tell e... read more