Andorra Woods Healthcare Center

9209 Ridge Pike Philadelphia PA 19128 (888) 848-5698
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 Nov 2016
If I were able, I'd give no stars. My mother was sent here for rehab after back surgery. Within one week, she passed away due to an alleged myocardial infarction aka heart attack. She was relatively young and in good health overall with exception of her back issues. She nor anyone on her side of the family had no history of heart problems. So this attests to the horrifically subpar care they provide. Now, the facility itself, as well as the staff and standard of care is just atrocious. I've never seen a medical facility as filthy and depressing as this one. The facility and its patient rooms were decorated (or lack thereof) in an archaic fashion. Nothing matched, the bed was a manual crank bed and the furniture looked as if it came from a 60's yard sale. One last nugget of info...the entire floor shared one cordless phone so if your loved one doesn't have a cell phone, don't even attempt to reach him. If you love your family member or friend, do NOT ever send him here. It's literally a one-way ticket to the grave.