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I am a current client
 Sep 2017
I am a current resident and have not been happy in a while. When I moved in over 6 years ago, it was a lovely place. We had a nice activities director, a really nice guy that ran the place, really nice people that ran the dining hall -- now, everything has changed and not for the better. We have more people here that need total assistance (new people not people who have been here) so now it is like a nursing home. The food is terrible. The woman that runs the place hides in her office, there is a woman running the restaurant that is just downright rude, and the activities director is not a trained person nor does he have the personality to encourage a lighter, happier atmosphere. I am sad and it is really hard for me to move and so there is little I can do about it. I am leaving this so that if you are thinking of putting your parents here, you have to realize that what they "sell" you is different from everyday living and there is no "grievance" committee or someone that will help to make things better. All they want is your money.

Updated property
 Nov 2015
I like how updated the property is. I gave all 5's. read more