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I am a past client
 Feb 2018
My Dad was a hospice patient. I asked if they could give liquid morphine under the tongue to keep him comfortable. They said yes. I found out that was a lie when my Dad needed the meds. A**** said because Dad was in hospice the laws prevent them from refunding a partial month if he dies or we move him. That was also a lie to get more money out of us. She said that because he was bedridden and he had to be in the more expensive room with the sliding glass door because laws required him to have a separate exit in case of emergency. Another lie to get more money out of us. I was told my Dad was not eating food, he was not taking any meds, had no pain, and was saying he wasn't hungry. He was very lethargic and often not responsive, even though they were not medicating him. When I would question the caregivers at the facility about specific concerns they would act like they didn't understand English to avoid my questions. I would have to call A***** on the phone to get answers. We became suspicious of Dad's treatment, so we moved him. Afterward he woke up and started eating and feeding himself like he was a different person. It was obvious that they were medicating him and lying about it. I confirmed this when we checked the meds. They refilled pain meds and sleeping pills.