Living in Assisted Living -

Living in Assisted Living

Now that your loved one is living in assisted living, the questions are endless: Is mom eating? How often should I visit? Is dad's dementia progressing? Learn how to deal with issues and ongoing concerns when your loved one is living in assisted living.

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Visiting Your Parent in Assisted Living

The importance of being there Visiting your loved one regularly as they transition will help them adjust and ease their worries of being abandoned.
Caring for your parents from a distance When visiting often isn't an option, how can you make sure your parent is healthy and happy when you are so far away?
What to look for when visiting assisted living When visiting your loved one in assisted living, here's how you can tell if they're receiving the care they deserve.
Striking the balance between helpful and interference Your involvement with your loved one in assisted living is essential. But can that involvement cross over into interference?

Health Issues and Concerns

Tracking Alzheimer's or dementia Learn how you can monitor the progression of Alzheimer's or dementia while your loved one is in assisted living.
Returning after a hospital stay How changes in behaviors can impact the level of care required - along with possible price increases during the transition.
How to know if your parent is eating Signs that your parent isn't eating, possible causes, and what you can do about it.

Resolving Issues or Disputes

Seniors behaving badly in assisted living When disagreements, fights and controlling behavior erupt in assisted living, how is it addressed?
When you suspect elder abuse Nobody wants to think the worst. Chances are, it's not happening. But if you suspect abuse, be ready to take immediate action.

Financial Related Issues

Can seniors be evicted from assisted living? Can seniors be evicted from assisted living for non-payment? Understand what can happen if the money runs out.
Correcting an inaccurate bill How to keep a close eye on your assisted living bill, and deal with billing errors when they happen.
Handling rate increases The cost for senior living facilities is rising, and higher levels of care may also make the price go up. What are your options?

Other Concerns While Living in Assisted Living

Will your loved one be safe in an emergency? Make sure the assisted living facility is well prepared to keep your loved one safe in an emergency. Download our checklist.
Assisted living staff you should know Understand the 'Who's Who' in assisted living so you know who to turn to with questions and concerns.
Sex in assisted living: who decides what's proper? Caregivers hope their parent will find friendship among the other residents. What they don't count on is finding love.

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