Life as a Caregiver: Taking Care of Elderly Family
The Experiment
We all desire a sense of purpose in life. This does not change as we age, but waning abilities leave few options for our loved ones to feel fulfilled.

Life as a Caregiver

Repetition & Dementia: Navigating Mum’s Question Loop
Like many other dementia patients, my mother repeatedly asks a handful of complex and emotionally charged questions. This is how I try to set her mind at ease.

Dementia Care: Surrounded by Sound
Last Saturday, I brought headphones and an iPod loaded with old music to the rest home for Mum. The results were astounding.

Fighting the Physical Effects of Age and Dementia
Both Mum’s memory and physical stamina seem to evade her these days. As a dementia caregiver, it’s my job to find something to help both her mood and mobility.

Shortening the Distance
For now, Mum can still enjoy the comics section of the newspaper, but her granddaughter found a new way to appeal to her sense of humor. Surprisingly, a mix of classic art and snarky internet trends brought these two generations together through laughter.
A Caregiver’s Tip: Coping with Dementia on Outings
Memory problems can get you into some sticky situations. As a caregiver, I’ve discovered a simple solution to make outings more successful.
The Medication Monkey
Mum hasn’t been herself lately, and it’s been weighing heavily on my mind. Perhaps something is wrong with her medication regimen, or it could be what I dread most: her Alzheimer’s disease is progressing.
A Rest Home Sleepover
We may eventually have to consider transitioning our loved ones to independent or assisted living, nursing care, or even memory care. Of course, many of us have visited these places, but do we truly know what living there is like?
A Perfect Day
Although Mum didn’t remember the details of our picture-perfect day together, she was very happy. With dementia, the memories may not stick anymore, but the feelings and emotions attached to them still linger.
Recognizable Changes
I see Mum fading in and out of reality, sometimes recognizing the severity of her illness and other times not even realizing something is wrong. All I can do is go through the motions with her.

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