Life as a Caregiver: Taking Care of Elderly Family
The Experiment
We all desire a sense of purpose in life. This does not change as we age, but waning abilities leave few options for our loved ones to feel fulfilled.

Life as a Caregiver

A Perfect Day
Although Mum didn’t remember the details of our picture-perfect day together, she was very happy. With dementia, the memories may not stick anymore, but the feelings and emotions attached to them still linger.
Recognizable Changes
I see Mum fading in and out of reality, sometimes recognizing the severity of her illness and other times not even realizing something is wrong. All I can do is go through the motions with her.
Half-Truths: Sometimes You Have No Choice
Christmas has come and gone, but in Mum’s mind the planning has just begun. When her anxiety returns and her questions become repetitive, white lies are what alleviate her worries.
Constructs of Reality
As Mum’s memory fades, the realities of her everyday life seem to go as well. It’s like acting in a strange play with half of the cues missing.
Hard Stuff
For the last ten years, Mum and I have been navigating a different kind of relationship. Things turn into a kind of dance with dementia, and sometimes it’s awfully hard.
Hydrotherapy with Mum
I could tell Mum was nervous, but with her new bathing suit and some gentle encouragement, her confidence grew. Surprisingly, a day at the pool left her feeling marvelous.
5 Dementia Tips from a Grandson
Younger generations are surprisingly insightful and adaptive when it comes to handling forgetfulness and dementia-related behaviors. See what techniques this teenager uses to continue spending quality time with his grandmother.
Saying Goodbye to George
There is always a great deal of work for family and friends to see to after a loved one passes away. Telling another family member the news is always difficult, but dementia can make the task even more challenging.
Music Therapy
Music has the incredible ability to transport us back in time, reduce stress, help us escape the present and make us more mindful of our emotions. For individuals living with dementia, though, music has an even more powerful effect.

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