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Company Overview

AgingCare.com is the leading online community that helps inexperienced, untrained family members cope with the challenging new world of elder care. We give them a safe, comfortable place to ask questions, get answers and be part of a caring community of people just like them—all sharing their experiences and insights, frustrations and hidden joys of caring for elderly family members. We reach more than 6 million English-speaking family caregivers worldwide who provide us with more than 7,000 posts each month.

AgingCare.com is fast becoming the most relied on, recommended and trusted resource to help families provide care for an elderly loved one. AgingCare.com is not simply a website. AgingCare.com is a community of caregivers facing these challenges together. We're their partner in family caregiving and, as such, they've made us their go-to destination. With the help of each other and trusted advice from our experts, AgingCare.com is where caregivers discover they are not alone, receive support from each other, learn how to survive, and how to provide care for their loved one's needs at every stage of the journey.

Our Mission

Simply put, we're here for our caregiver families. Our goal is to help them lighten their burden and let go of some of the guilt and worry that comes with caring for an elderly loved one.

Company History

AgingCare.com—located in beautiful Naples, Florida—was founded in 2008 by Joe Buckheit and a small team of caring individuals who recognized the need of a supportive community for people taking care of elderly family members. The site originally consisted of a forum for caregivers to connect with other caregivers—offering support and advice, a place to vent, and to build friendships with others experiencing a similar, dramatic lifestyle shift.

The site, however, quickly grew to incorporate needed educational resources about caregiving and the many age-related illnesses plaguing their loved ones. To fill the needs of this community, AgingCare.com staff experts started producing original content and putting together a team of nationally recognized experts to develop relevant content.

Today, a talented staff of experienced writers, designers and developers support the AgingCare.com community—all dedicated to AgingCare.com's mission to help family caregivers face their challenges. Many are caregivers, too. The team also includes more than 30 experts who actively participate in the caregiver community, answering caregiver questions and sharing their expertise in all aspects of elder care.

Our experts cover all stages on the caregiver's journey, from pre-planning to managing grief. They take their cues from the caregiver community to provide relevant, award-winning articles on topics such as maintaining physical and emotional well-being, handling family conflicts, managing legal and financial needs, and finding appropriate senior housing options.

Moving forward, AgingCare.com is seeking partners to sponsor the continued growth and development of the community and its resources. We are also building tools to help other elder caregiver resources support their audience by sharing in our community from their site. And as always, we welcome suggestions from the community about how we can better meet their needs.

Caregiver Community

The AgingCare.com community consists of millions of family caregivers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They come from all races, both genders, and a variety of national origins and ages. They come to the community from all stages along the caregiving journey, and all walks of life and professions—from homemaker to minister to CEO. They come to vent, to share and to learn.

They are caring for their mothers, fathers, grandparents, husbands, wives, partners and friends; they are caring for loved ones dealing with general age-related decline and diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer to osteoporosis to stroke; they are caring for loved ones in their homes, in medical facilities, and even from across the country.

But wherever they are, it's the challenge of caring for an elderly loved one that binds them together. They are all unsung heroes.

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