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Caring for an elderly loved one is a job most family caregivers are not trained to do. AgingCare.com is the leading online community that helps inexperienced, untrained family members cope with caring for an elderly relative. Their new reality of added financial, legal, medical and mental challenges often overwhelms family caregivers. At AgingCare.com, they find a comfortable place to ask questions, get answers, and be part of a caring community of people just like them. Learn more about AgingCare.com


The AgingCare.com Community

The AgingCare.com community is comprised of millions of family caregivers just like you from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They are caring for their mothers, fathers, grandparents, husbands, wives, partners and friends; they are caring for loved ones dealing with general age-related decline to diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer to osteoporosis to stroke; they are caring for loved ones in their homes, in medical facilities, and even from across the country. Learn more about the AgingCare.com community


Get Started on AgingCare.com

The AgingCare.com "Home Page" presents all the latest news from each section of our site, including the Caregiver Community. "The Caregiver Forum" is where you go to ask a question or participate in a discussion. "Senior Living" has all the information you need on home care and housing, from assisted living to nursing homes—including where to find these services and housing. Our "Caregiver Support" section is exactly what it says, where caregivers can learn survival skills needed to handle the stresses of caregiving. The "Elder Care" section is all about caregiving: how to care for your loved one. And the "Money and Legal Section" is where you go for information on dealing with financial, legal and insurance issues, including Medicare. Throughout our site you'll see our "Find Housing and Care" form which you can use to locate local area resources.

So get started—just browse our site and check out all our great resources. Eventually you'll want to become a member.


Benefits of Being a Member

As a member of the AgingCare.com community, you can participate in our discussions, ask and answer questions from other members, and even share a "hug." Signing up lets you follow elder care experts, discussions and questions, as well as new activity by members and those you are following—all at no cost. Visit our Benefits of Membership page for the complete details. Or sign up now.


Join AgingCare.com: Create an Account

Joining AgingCare.com is quick and easy. And becoming a member allows you to personalize your AgingCare.com experience and manage your AgingCare.com newsletter subscriptions. To get started, all you'll need is an email address. When you sign up, decide on a screen name that will appear on your posts to the community, plus a password to protect your privacy.

If you don't already have an email address, there are several free email providers. Your cable company or Internet service provider may also offer a free email account.


Find Local Service Providers

Families can find local resources quickly and easily to help with every aspect of aging using our local directories, including elder law attorneys, geriatric care managers and home care providers. Or search for other housing and services, such as assisted living communities, government agencies and more. Wherever you are in the United States, we can help you find local resources to assist you on your journey.

"Thank you very much for your listings. We were able to obtain housing and care for our sister who has multiple medical needs. Your directory is a good one and easy to navigate."


Managing My Account

Members can log in to AgingCare.com by following the Login link in the upper-right corner of our home page (or any page). Sign in with your username (or email address) and your password. Once you've signed in, you'll see your My Account box below the navigation bar; and in the top right-hand corner you'll see links to My Account and Public Profile. You can manage your account from either of these links.

The My Account link takes you to your News Feed. The Public Profile link connects you to your Member Profile page with your Wall and Activity pages. Your My Account box has links to your News Feed, Edit Account, Activity, Tools, Following and the Member Account Help Center (you may need to click More to see all the options).


Password Help

Forgot your password: Click "Login" in the top-right corner of the site. Enter your username or email address, then "Forgot your password? Click here" at the bottom.

To change your password: Log in, located in the top right corner of the site. On the right side of the page in your My Account box, click "Edit Account." Once in Edit My Account, click "Edit Profile."


Username Help

If you forget your username, you can login using your email address instead. You'll find your username in your My Account box after signing in.


Signing Up for Our Free Newsletters

Whether you're new to caregiving or have been providing care to an elderly loved one for years, AgingCare.com's two high-quality, trusted newsletters can connect you to the latest news and to our community. And they're not just for caregivers; their loved ones also enjoy keeping up with the latest medical news and Q&A:

Daily Ask and Answer: Our caregivers look forward to receiving the AgingCare.com Daily Ask in their email inbox every morning. Here, members share real-life struggles, and our network of caregivers provides the answers that our members seek. Help others find answers by sharing your caregiving experience, or get answers from caregivers and eldercare experts.

Caregivers' Newsletter: Our weekly Caregivers' Newsletter features the best of AgingCare.com content: articles, breaking news, and some of the most popular discussions in the Caregiver Forum. It includes relevant caregiving tips and information, such as:

  • Caregiver wellbeing, family and sibling issues, and work-life balance
  • Providing daily care for an elderly loved one
  • Paying for care, Medicare & Medicaid, POA, Guardianship and Veterans Assistance
  • Signs, symptoms and treating the most common age-related conditions

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Manage Email Subscriptions

It's easy! To manage your subscriptions, go to our Managing Your Emails and Newsletters page. Members—just check the box next to the emails you want to subscribe to or uncheck to unsubscribe. Not a member yet—we'll simply ask for your email address and send you a link to update your subscriptions.


Searching AgingCare.com

You can search AgingCare.com for information on a specific topic, a post from a specific user or expert, or search for a specific term or phrase. Just enter your query in the Search Site Box located in the upper right-hand corner of every page just above the main navigation bar. You can refine your search results by selecting Discussions, Questions and Articles within your results.

Members also have the option to search for a member by screen name, or meet other caregivers with a similar caregiving situation, using the Find and Meet Members link under Tools in your My Account Box.


Asking & Answering Caregiver Questions

The Caregiver Forum is a place where you can ask questions, provide answers, and get support from other family caregivers who understand exactly what you're going through. While everyone can read the Forum, you have to be a member before you can ask or answer a question. You must login first or sign up before you can ask or answer a question. Then in the right column of this page, in your My Account box, click "Questions & Discussions". This takes you to the Caregiver Forum. Click on the "Ask a Question" tab and enter in your question. Already signed in, you can also click here to access the Caregiver Forum.

To answer a question, login—and when reading a question you'd like to answer, simply click the "Answer This Question" button below the question.


Starting a Discussion

The Caregiver Forum is a place where you can also start a discussion. You have to be a member or sign up for membership first. After logging in, go to the right column of this page in your My Account box and click "Questions & Discussions." This takes you to the Caregiver Forum. Click on the "Start a Discussion" tab and enter your discussion.


AgingCare.com Etiquette

AgingCare.com is here to help our members and visitors face the challenge of providing care for an elderly loved one. We do this by providing all caregivers with a comfortable, safe meeting place for the free exchange of ideas with knowledgeable professionals, responsive experts and, most importantly, with caregivers just like you.

On specific areas of AgingCare.com, members are encouraged to submit comments, ask questions or submit other content. To maintain a respectful dialogue, we've posted the following posting guidelines for our members. In general, we ask that all members keep these guidelines in mind, and please be relevant, respectful and truthful. Please do not post hate speech or spam.

Please do not discuss controversial topics—such as religion or politics—that might anger other caregivers. Don't use personal attacks, profanity, threats or offensive language. Keep it friendly and helpful!

Also, please do not promote your business, website, email address or other contact information. We will remove posts that include self-promotions.

For your personal safety, AgingCare.com prohibits the sharing of your email address, phone number, address or full name in the community forum. Our staff will remove any personal information posted.

To let us know about inappropriate activity, click on "Report the Post" located on all posts. Or if the problem goes beyond a single post, use our Contact Us form to report the problem.


Connecting With Caregivers

Members can search for members by screen name—then view their member profile, follow them, write them a message, and see what's on their mind. Meet other members with a similar caregiving situation using the Find and Meet Members link under Tools in your My Account Box.

Members, when signed on, will see the My Account box displayed in the right-hand column of each page.

The Following page found in your My Account box displays the members, experts, articles, discussions and questions that you are following on AgingCare.com. Your Following page is private. To start following, click the Follow button found on articles, discussions, questions, members' and experts' profile pages. To stop following, click the Stop Following button on your Following page.


AgingCare.com Mobile

A mobile version of AgingCare.com is available from your mobile device.


About Advertising

At AgingCare.com, it's our mission to bring caregivers together to help each other as part of a dynamic, supportive community. To enable us to continue to provide you with a comfortable meeting place and award-winning content—at no cost to you—we accept sponsors and advertisers on our site.

For Advertisers

We'd love to help you develop a marketing campaign to connect your brand with our community of caregivers. Sponsoring AgingCare.com shows caregivers you are an integral part of their community. Your support of their community demonstrates your passion for eldercare and your commitment of the families providing it.

Please complete this form telling us about your company and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours. Or call us at (239) 594-3222. For more information about all our marketing solutions, please visit our Advertising Center.


Article Reuse

AgingCare.com has special no-cost programs in place for sharing our content with government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our content-sharing program provides free resources to these organizations, and delivers our award-winning content and Q&A forum to their audiences. For more information, please visit our Share Our Content—Government Agency and Non-Profit page, or Contact Us.

For-profit organizations, associations, corporations, and health care professionals who are interested in elder care and share the goal of supporting families caring for family: In keeping with the "fair use" doctrine, we welcome the opportunity to share our award-winning content with you to reach more caregivers and spread the word about the importance of elder care.

If you are interested in the use of our content beyond that permitted under the "fair use" doctrine, please Contact Us. More information on content reuse can be found in our Content Usage & Reprint Policy.


The Caregiver Forum

The AgingCare.com Caregiver Forum is a place where you can ask questions, provide answers, exchange messages, and get support from other family caregivers who understand exactly what you're going through. It is available for all to read, but participation requires you be a member of AgingCare.com and signed in on the site. It's easy to become a member. All you'll need is an email address to get started. When you sign up, simply decide on a screen name that will appear on your posts to the community, plus a password to protect your privacy. The Caregiver Forum also has a Forum specific help section for assistance with using the Forum.


AgingCare.com and Privacy

Your privacy is important to you and to AgingCare.com. We believe your business is no one else's. And the basis of our relationship with our members is trust. We are obligated to honor that relationship with great care, beginning with protecting the information you have chosen to share with us. We believe that your privacy should not be compromised. Our Privacy Policy is easy to find on our homepage and at every point where we request personally identifiable information. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.


Terms of Use

At AgingCare.com, our goal is to provide a valuable service where caregivers can come together to share and support each other as part of a dynamic, responsive community. By using AgingCare.com's products, software, services or web sites, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. Please read our Terms of Use, and the AgingCare.com Privacy Policy to be sure you understand how it all works.

Here are a few basic principles:

  • We are giving you the right to use AgingCare.com's service. However, we are not giving you ownership of anything belonging to AgingCare.com.
  • When you post to AgingCare.com, you are giving us certain rights to use your content as part of our service operation—and, as such, are giving us ownership.
  • The nature of this site is interactive and public. Content you post will be public, so consider carefully what you add and how you add it. The AgingCare.com Privacy Policy gives you full details on what is public and what is private.
  • By posting user content, you agree to be good and play nicely. AgingCare.com is provided for lawful purposes only and not for engaging in or promoting illegal activity. Also, please don't do anything that would harm the community or make it less enjoyable for others.

Browsers and Settings

To get the latest AgingCare.com features, use a supported browser. In general, AgingCare.com supports the current and prior major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If you use another browser, your experience with the site may be less than optimal, or you may not be able to use certain tools on our website. In addition to using a supported browser, Cookies and JavaScript are required for virtually all interaction on the site.


When I post something, how do I choose who can see it?

When you post a message on your wall, it is public unless you set your Wall to private in the Edit Profile under About Me.

When you post a message on another member's Wall, it appears in their "News Feed" and appears in your "Activity."


How do I delete my AgingCare.com Account?

Please Contact Us for assistance. Did you know you can set your Wall to private in the Edit Profile under About Me?


How do I sign up for your Home Care Lead Program?

Our caregivers searching for local home care services complete a request for assistance. To facilitate their search, AgingCare.com shares their requests with local home care providers. You can learn more about our Home Care Lead program by visiting our Home Care Directory information page. To enroll now, just complete this form telling us about your practice and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours to confirm the information before taking your Featured Placement Listing live. Or for assistance, call us at (239) 594-3222.


How can we be listed as a local service provider on your site?

Elder Law Attorneys and Home Care Service Providers can be listed in our Local Services Directories. For more information, click on the appropriate directory topic above. You'll find information about Featured Placement in the directories. If we've missed listing your service, call (239) 594-3222.


How do I report something?

To let us know about inappropriate activity, click on "Report this Post" located on all posts.


How do I report an abuse of the site?

To let us know about inappropriate activity in the Caregiver Forum, please click on "Report this Post" located on all posts.

If you have something else to report—a problem with our site, for example—please use the Contact Us form. We will reply as quickly as possible.