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Founder's Letter

Joe Buckheit, Founder and his grandparents

Joe Buckheit, Founder and President, with Maria and Antonio (grandparents)

Welcome to,

Growing up, my grandparents were very present in my life. My earliest memories are of sharing a multifamily home with my grandparents. A babysitter, a home-cooked meal, or a few quarters for the candy store were always available right next door. Sunday dinners have continued to be multigenerational, with my own children now joining the table.

Living in the same community as my parents and grandparents, as well as my wife's parents and grandparents, has been a blessing. The experiences and stories that are shared with my children around the dinner table are priceless. With the passing of time, those conversations have changed. Aging has taken its toll on my family. At a 2008 family gathering, a conversation between my mother and mother-in-law turned to the reality that they were both transitioning into caregiving roles for their parents.

It was clear to both of them that things would get more stressful as their aging parent's health began to deteriorate. They each shared that as their parent became more and more dependent on them for care, they were increasingly in need of answers and support. Sharing their experiences with each other was not only informative, but also very comforting.

It is from this exchange that was born. The Internet is full of resources for caregivers. What was missing, however, was the knowledge, comfort and strength gained in making a connection with others who are sharing those same experiences.

Ultimately, the success of is in the strength of our community. The resources are provided by us—but the shared experiences of caregivers using those resources is's true value.

A member of's community of caregivers recently sent me this note of thanks:

" is a wonderful site to vent, to learn, to share! It constantly reminds me that I am doing the best that I can and that I have made the right decisions for my dad."

Just like in the experiences of my own family, making a connection can be a very powerful tool. I am proud that can be the path to that strength for so many caregivers.