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End of life signs

End of life signs include: loss of appetite, excessive fatigue and sleep, increased physical weakness, mental confusion, disorientation, labored breathing, changes in urination, coolness in the tips of the fingers and toes, purplish or bluish mottling in the veins. Learn about signs that death is near and end of life care.

Articles About End Of Life Signs
  • Hospice Care: Help During End Stages of Life
    One caregiver shares how hospice helped care for and provide pain relief for her parents at the end of their lives. Hospice can be a difficult decision, but the benefits for patients and their family members are undeniable.
  • How to Alleviate Physical Pain at the End of Life
    There are ways to make a person who is dying more comfortable and alleviate the physical pain that comes at the end of life. Discomfort can come from a variety of problems, but you and a hospice care provider can help manage the pain of your dying loved one.
  • Answers to Common Questions About End-of-Life Care
    When a loved one is nearing the end of their life, caregivers and family members often have many questions. This guide to end-of-life care addresses the most common concerns regarding the dying process.
  • Which Roosevelt Handled Final Years Best?
    I was mesmerized by "The Roosevelts," a documentary by Ken Burns about TR, FDR, and Eleanor. Since I've been thinking about my own last years, I wondered which of them handled their own final years best.
  • My Ever-Evolving Thoughts about Death and Dying
    End-of-life subjects are tough for most people, and yet they are so important. I'm getting better at thinking about and discussing them, and want to be sure my kids and grandkids don't have lingering issues when I bite the dust.
  • Quality or Quantity of Life?
    Another "hard talk" Carol and I had before her diagnosis with ovarian cancer was the need to balance quality of life and quantity of life.
  • Is Mom Afraid to Die?
    I often wonder why Mom is fighting so hard for so long. It recently dawned on me that she may literally have the "fear of God."
  • My Nightly Ritual with Dad
    I was intent on making the most of every second Dad and I had together by going on trips and outings, and reminiscing about the past. But he had other plans in mind.
  • Why Not Suicide?
    I wonder why more people with Alzheimer's don't resort to suicide, given the overall attitude towards the disease.
  • Lessons in End-of-Life Care from Oscar the Cat
    For more than ten years, Oscar the Cat has been teaching the staff at a Rhode Island nursing home lessons about end-of-life care and what's truly important to those who are dying.
  • Helpful Tips for Critical End-of-Life Conversations
    We all want to live just the way we want and we all want to die the way we want. But we need to talk to others for that to happen. Here are some important insights about a very important, and difficult, subject.

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