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Elderly Parents' Relationships

Elderly parents sometimes develop feelings for others, particularly after a spouse dies. Learn how to handle elderly parents' relationships, especially if you are conflicted or have negative feelings about these new emotional ties.

Articles About Elderly Parents Relationships
  • These Couples Prove You're Never Too Old to Fall in Love
    These couples prove that you're never too old to fall in love! They met their mates in their 70s, while living in senior retirement communities.
  • A Guide to Caring for a Narcissistic Senior
    Those with NPD tendencies are so caught up in themselves that they have a limited ability to love other people, understand their perspectives or value their emotions. Accepting this reality will help you come to terms with your uniquely difficult caregiving role, alter your expectations and set boundaries with your care recipient.
  • Family Meetings: How to Have Peace and Avoid Arguments
    Immediate family often serves as the foundation of a senior’s care team, but difficult dynamics can hinder vital planning and decision-making processes. Discover simple do’s and don’ts that will make these meetings less complicated and more productive.
  • My Nightly Ritual with Dad
    I was intent on making the most of every second Dad and I had together by going on trips and outings, and reminiscing about the past. But he had other plans in mind.
  • Real Relationships: So Good for Our Health
    I've been reviewing all the elements that have contributed to my (relatively) good health for somebody my age (84). WAY UP there on that list, I'd put my relationships. I bet you feel the same way.
  • The Fine Line Between Caregiving and Creating an Invalid
    A professional caregiver I know said families often make a big mistake: turning older relatives into invalids. She said the family members mean well, but their "over-caring" efforts often have disastrous results.
  • A Lesson in Love
    Even when confronted by Alzheimer's, mom manages to maintain her spirit and offer her family a lesson in love.
  • A Tribute to Mom
    A touching Mother's Day letter from dementia caregiver, Michele DeSocio.
  • Forgiving Your Parent for How They Treated You in the Past
    How do caregivers who were neglected or abused find it in themselves to forget the past, and care for their elderly family member?
  • 11 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy
    The stress and burden of caring for elderly parents takes a toll on any relationship. But what happens when your husband or wife decides they can't take it anymore?
  • How do I deal with a parent who likes to fight and always has to be right?
    When an elderly parent fights and always has to be right, the best way thing to do is not respond to their argumentative behavior and don't be defensive.

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