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Elderly Falls

Elderly relatives lose their balance more often as they get older, leading to falls and fractures, from which they recover more slowly than when they were younger. Learn how to prevent falls.

Articles About Elderly Falls
  • Maybe It's Not Dementia After All
    After my father fell, his dementia seemed to progress rapidly. I learned firsthand that delirium can be a puzzling side effect of hospitalization in people of all ages.
  • Preventing Falls, Fractures and Broken Bones in Elders
    When an elderly person falls, they are more likely to break or fracture a bone, such as hip, due to bones becoming more fragile as we age.
  • Foiling Falls: What Works and What Doesn’t
    People taking care of aging loved ones are always on alert for ways to make a senior less likely to fall. Recent research wades through over one-hundred different studies to determine the most effective ways to prevent an elder from taking a tumble.
  • No Gym Necessary: Daily Activities Can Improve Balance, Foil Falls in Seniors
    A new report describes how older adults can incorporate helpful balance-enhancing exercises into their day-to-day lives.
  • What to Do When a Senior Faints
    Seniors are twice as likely to experience fainting episodes compared to younger adults. Here are 7 steps that you can take to help ensure the safety of a senior who has fainted.
  • For the Elderly, Falls May Prove Deadly
    Falls are the number one cause of death from an injury for seniors. Seniors face an almost guaranteed increase in their risk for falling and the most common form of fall among the elderly population is a ground-level fall.
  • Horses Help People with Alzheimer's, and Other News to Know
    Interacting with horses helps people with Alzheimer's; home visits by nurses may be key to reducing hospital readmission; paying people to make end-of-life plans; and removing cataracts reduces fall risk top the list of caregiver news this week.
  • Next-Generation Undergarments Defend Against Falls, Infections
    Thanks to advances in wearable technology, a new generation of undergarments that defend against falls and infections may soon be available to seniors and their caregivers.
  • Popular Prescription Triggers Tumbles in the Hospital
    A commonly-precribed sleep aid may be behind more falls in hospitalized individuals than aging, delirium, insomnia or cognitive impairment, according to a new report.
  • Deaths from Alzheimer's Drastically Underreported, and Other News to Know
    Alzheimer's deaths six times what stats say; nursing home residents exposed to dangerous mistakes; blood pressure meds increase fall risk; longevity secrets of world's oldest person and reducing pain from osteoarthritis top the list of caregiver news.
  • A Surprising Cause of Depression in Older Adults
    One of the most important factors in treating depression in older adults is their caregiver. Families have a rising concern when they see their aging loved one not wanting to participate in activities they once loved, or becoming isolated. A nurturing solution could be as simple as helping them re-engage with their community, family and social network. A silent cause is the fear of falling. They can become apprehensive with the possibilities that could threaten their freedom and independence.
  • What Can You Do When a Loved One Won’t Exercise?
    Charlie has had several falls in the past few months. One way to prevent falls is to do strength training exercises, but Charlie won't go to the classes any more. Do I fight with him daily?
  • Deadly Falls Up 112 Percent for Seniors, and Other News to Know
    Deadly falls in seniors increase dramatically; aging adults and gun safety issues; and statins' negative effect on exercise top the list of caregiver news this week.
  • The Number One Thing That Causes Seniors to Stumble
    Falling poses a significant threat to a senior's health. Water-soaked bathtubs and hidden patches of black ice may be the go-to suspects when it comes to senior falls, but recent research suggests slippery surfaces may not be the main cause of these tumbles.
  • Remember Humpty-Dumpty
    The worst fall I ever took was on April 1, 2008. Now I take steps to make sure the house is safer for Charlie and I.
  • 6 Things That Cause the Elderly to Fall
    Falls are not an inevitable part of growing older. Many falls can be prevented if caregivers take a few simple steps to make their elderly parent's life safer.
  • My elderly mother is falling more often. Can it be from her medications?
    Over-counter-medications and prescription drugs can lead to an increased risk of falling. These side effects are the single biggest cause of falls and injuries among elderly people.
  • How to Prevent Seniors from Falling
    Falls and fractures are not an inevitable part of growing older -- many can be prevented if caregivers and their elderly parents take a few simple precautions.

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