I don't know if this is ok to post a link, if not maybe someone can flag me or delete? It was helping me, as I have a problem with 1)arguing 2)correcting 3)reasoning there was a video how to deal with those 3 things. there is also a sign up for a free survival guide (link on the home video page) which I signed up for, again if this isn't allowed, I apologize. Search-

Careblazers: dementia care heroes - tips, strategies and suppport

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Dear Wally,

Thank you for sharing. I look forward to checking it out. I think those tips come in useful in so many situations with the elderly.

Wally, thank you for the tip - will check it out.

Hey Wally003,
Thank you for pointing this out. This D Doctor has some interesting videos. I liked her so thanks for sharing!

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