I'm 32 years old, married, with 3 small kids (6, 5 and 1 years). Plus, I take care of both of my disabled parents. They live with me, which is fun since they have been divorced for over 20 years. My dad has had 9 back surgeries and has some mental health issues, and my mom had an aneurysm rupture 3 years ago which left her partially paralyzed with the usual brain damage that comes with a traumatic brain injury (memory loss, stubborness, selfishness, etc.).

None of my friends have any idea what I go through. If I vent about taking care of my parents, or about how difficult it is to raise children and provide care for my parents at the same time, their eyes glaze over. I've had to quit my job to be a stay-at-home-mom/caregiver, which has been trying. I tried therapy with a few different therapists, and unfortunately none of them has been helpful (I have a psychology degree, I know how to evaluate when therapy is working). There are support groups in my area, but they are in Atlanta, and since we're on such a tight budget since quitting my job, I can't afford the gas to drive to the meetings several times a month.

My dad cared for my grandparents for a short time when I was a teenager, but my stepmother helped (my husband does not), and with me and my brothers being teenagers, we were able to help a lot, so the burden was never solely on him. Now, my brothers are in no position to help (one is in jail, the other is on drugs), so the burden falls completely on me.

Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? How have you coped with it? I would just love to have someone to talk to who understands!

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You really have it double tough. I can't imagine how much you have on your plate. I am tired and worn from what I do and it can't be a fraction of how thin you spread yourself daily. I hope you find some comrades and help here.

/hugs to you!

my heart goes out to you for caring for your own children and also you parents. I just care for my mom and it's hard enough doing that! It really does change our lives, being caregivers. Friends who aren't in the same situation just don't get it.
there are good supportive people on this site, which I've been on for about a year. I joined it when I lost my job and realized that I woluldn't have all the work contacts to talk to any more.
good luck,

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