Well WE should, I'm new to this site and the one thing I have found after reading several posts is "I AM NOT ALONE" we all have the same issue's, the same problems, the same concern's, the same anger and frustration's, the same family problem's. There is such a pattern to all the ageing people, we are all complaining about the same things, gilt, family not helping, health problems with the elderly, anger and frustration, burn out and feelings.
I laughed this morning reading posts cause I realized "THIS IS GOING TO BE US IN YEARS TO COME" if we make it that far. I know how we feel but flipping the page I started to think how are they feeling. They all have the same problem's so they must all be feeling the same way too! OMG I want to thank all of you for helping me understand my parents more for helping me to get through today, I'm feeling better about them and myself. I hope this feeling lasts longer than 20 minutes LOL cause we all know the next time I have to yell just to talk to them the frustration will set in again. But for this moment I'm feeling good. This is a great site. An I'm feeling good right now. :-)
Thanks to you all... remember we are not alone!

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So glad you are having a feel good moment and I hope it lasts! This site is priceless and helps me so much just knowing I'm not alone and there are people to turn to who really get it. When I read some of what people are dealing with I am even more grateful for how relatively easy my mother is in her physical needs and even her mental/emotional needs. It's all very draining and when there is little outside support it's nice to be able to come here.

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