reason for hospital behavior hard to control this day prior to week before said she ahd uti infection so they started her on cipro when got to hospital uti did not show up Im assuming due to starting her on cipro but since didn't show up told me no need to finish her meds, took her off all meds was on and changed to zyprexa for sleep will not give her nothing to sleep stuck her in pysch floor telling me to want to experiment at a pysch hospital I do not feel this is right

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I'm confused, but I can tell that you are very upset about this and that is understandable.

Please help us help you by replying back onto the thread that you ask your question on. I'm gong to post here what you posted on my wall in response to your first question about this situation from an earlier thread.

I responded to your related, earlier question, "what do you do when disagree with drs"

Are you her medical POA? It sounds to me like you may well need to ask for a second opinion.

Why did she end up in the hospital?

Has the doctor given any explanation for putting someone with Parkinson's on zyprexa?

What meds was she on before?

Has she been evaluated for dementia?

To which you responded on my wall.

"sandy22 posted on your message board 4/14/2015 at 8:14 pm
yes she has been evalutated for Dementia parksons was mis diagnosed they said that when after she went through radition as a precaution couldn't walk so they said that truth is burnt her brain 14 days 2xs a day recently had dr agree with me yes I am her medical whatever reason for hospital last week coukd not control behavior prior to this hqad uti starte3d her on cipro so when she went to hospital; uti didn't show up and they would not let her finish out meds she had ten pills left"

I hope this additional information helps others understand and reply to this concern.

Keep in touch.

txcamper, that experience was repeated for several persons in my caregiver support group.

My FIL, at one point in his journey through dementia, got so aggressive and hard for MIL to manage. He stripped, he argued, he punched, he wandered, he refused anything.....His doctor suggested a lockdown psychiatric hospital to try him on different medications. IT WORKED. It was about 2 weeks if I remember correctly, and we were not able to visit the first week, but could after that. Maybe 3 weeks at most. Anyway, they tried different combinations and got him all straightened out. It was sad to have to do that, but the alternative was that he couldn't stay at home anymore. With that medicine regimen, he was able to stay at home.

If Jeanne is correct, I think they don't want to "experiment ", they want to trial her on different meds to see what works. It's very often the only way to figure out what meds are going to work and in what dosages. A hospital is really the only place to do this.

I'm having a little trouble understanding this. See if I'm close:

Your mother, who has Parkinson's, was admitted to the hospital on the assumption she had a uti, but further tests reveal that she does not, so they've discontinued the drug for that. They (the doctors?) want to treat her in a psych ward or psych hospital. They have given a diagnosis of dementia. You don't want her treated at the psych place.

Is that pretty close? Can you explain why you don't want her in a psych place?

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