Well folks I haven't been on here for awhile. Here what has happened since then. Two months ago, I started a great job with decent salary and YES HEALTH BENEFITS& SICK LEAVE which I haven't have for over eight years so I am very thankful. Over a week ago,I finally have taken a small mini vacation out of state to see AC/DC in concert. I really had a good time. This is what I really needed. My brother watched my parents while I was at the concert. Brother said he and father fought like cat and dog. Dad didn't like me to be out of town for two days but he got over it. That was the first time I felt alive in a long time. However, I have gained about 10 to 15 lbs and stopped exercising and dieting routine for the past three months because I was stressing at my old,job and started a,new one and mom having a new issue to deal with low vision in one eye. I am happy I have a great job with my own office great pay but somehow I still feel depressed. There,are days I still cry for nothing. I just don't want my caregiver life to interfere with my new work too much. I feel blue because I feel I never going to date ever again but I just resigned to that scenario. It is not as if every man ringing my cell phone off the hook in the first place.

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bmorehappy, being able to go to a job is like a mini-vacation for me. Even though my elderly parents still live under their roof, and me under mine, they think I have all the time in the world to help them out. Thus, working keeps me somewhat sane, and it's a great excuse whenever my parents want to go somewhere, "can't, I have to go into work" :)

Many of us here have also put on that added weight and have stopped exercising. I use to be a gym rat until almost 7 years ago. Now I look in the mirror and wonder if that mirror was replaced with an amusement park fun mirror. That can't be me !!

I have days that I cry because my parents at my age were traveling the world, enjoying life, etc. They never had to care for their own parents so they have so clue what I am going through. I had been quite fugal all my life, thus saving for my own wonderful retirement but now that money will go for earlier than planned stay for my own assisted living :P

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