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a) How can you tell?

b) Couldn't it be either/both?

c) How does it help?

This theory is basically a collection of a group of scientists who even did experiments on rats but there was no conclusive diagnoses to prove or disprove the theory they had.

Its my thought that an immune system protects us from the spread of infection by identifying foreign bodies and attacking them before the infection becomes serious. These scientists tried to prove that since dementia is thought to be caused by “rogue brain cells”, building up someone’s immune system could prevent it, but there’s no proof. The rogue brain cells are not the foreign bodies that the immune system targets.

People with dementia can become very stubborn. They refuse to eat what’s put before them. They refuse to get any exercise. They refuse their meds. If they’re in a home, that constitutes a “crowd” of people who all have their own health issues, some of them contagious. As a result, their health takes as even faster nosedive because their immune system becomes compromised. But it’s not the fault of dementia. I’d like to think dementia is a misfiring of the brain, that is not caused by an immune deficiency.

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