Got a call today from Memory Care. Your mom is going to be isolated in her room for 14 days. No more communal activities or dining. Bringing meals to room. There are 13 people in that area and 8 of them have been having diarrhea episodes. So since that can be a covid symptom, isolation.

I found a company that wll come to the facility and do a covid test, and if she gets 2 negative tests 24 hr apart and no more diarrhea, she can come out of isolation. I had to arrange for that, otherwise 14 days no matter if her gastro issues resolve.
Last isolation in spring when staff member was positive was awful. She was hallucinating, and now with her extra confusion, I dont know what she is going to think.

Poor staff. 8 dementia residents with diarrhea and all of them probably trying to wander back to common area. It's going to be like herding cats getting them to stay in room. Any change in routine is hard for these folks.

Hopefully things will be resolved by her birthday later this month.

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Well so far she has none if the other symptoms of Covid 19. No fever, or respiratory.

As far as coming off isolation, one thing that has been better in Memory Care, is that my Mom has not spent most if the day in her room like when she was in AL. Even if she doesnt always participate in activities, she is nearby watching and engaged. She helps the staff fold laundry, often. She eats more when she eats together with people. So coming off isolation sooner would be better, she wouldnt be upset or confused that she cant come out of room, and cant do usual sit and people watch or lunch with the ladies, as she describes it. They keep putting her TV on to distract her, but some days that just sets off more confusion and anxiety because she can no longer distinguish a story on TV from reality or commercial from TV show. I had to watch what I put on when she was at home. Sometimes the aides put it on the Hallmark channel, and she tsks over kissing :) or TV land but TVland has black lines on the sides and she called me because she was afraid that meant her TV was going to catch fire.

From their description, it sounds more like a stomach bug being passed around ( probably by hygiene issues of people with incontinence issues IMO.) But they are treating like covid just in case.

The more she is alone, the more her anxiety ramps up, I guess more time to try to think. Then it starts up
where are my children, my husband, my parents . . The distraction of being with others is better. So hopefully it will work out she can rejoin the group soon

I wish I didn’t have to say that I know your life much to well, but I’m afraid I do.

My LO was infected at the end of March, sick for 3 weeks, and was “shedding virus” for over 3 months. Her caregivers were amazing, and much to my surprise, she survived, and we have seen her some5 or 6 times since this nightmare began.

I trusted in the communications I had during those awful months, and would NEVER have considered moving her or changing anything about the shattered life that she lived all those days and weeks.

I’m interested in what you hope to plan for her when she comes “off isolation”? In my area, it seems that the virus is still VERY active. I’m watching a medical doctor on TV as I write this, and he is describing how desperately we need “leadership” in managing this disaster, because the fact is, no matter what we’re being told, THE VIRUS ALWAYS WINS.

My LO’s MONTHS of tests were ALL covered by Medicare, weren’t your mom’s? Or was it that you were unable to have her tested because she was symptom free? CLEARLY part of this horror is happening because any sense of central management is obviously totally MISSING in this country, and is also DESPERATELY NEEDED.

My own life as an OLD, loving caregiver, has been tossed in the trash by this miserable mess. Although I’m wildly grateful that LO has at least a sense of memory that I’m family and that she and I love each other, it’s been cold and rainy in my neighborhood, and I have no way to contact her besides the outdoor visits, which have become more and more useless.

We missed Mother’s Day and LO’s birthday, previously sweetly special for us and for her. I hope you are able to have whatever birthday for her that your mom can enjoy.

I’ve stopped reacting to “hopeful”. It’s just not happening here. Wish I could sou d more positive on your behalf.

So sorry that you have received this sad news.

Hope the situation improves soon.

Gracie, you are the second on the threads this evening with worries re Covid-19. I think we are seeing a real resurgence, and are very likely to in November be in a great deal of trouble again. My daughter just returned to teaching. 3 with Covid already and they are in a bit of a state of chaos not yet knowing what will happen. Anywhere that people are congregated together in groups are going to be problematic for the spread, and we have already heard in the last months how devastating lack of visits are from so many standpoints, and isolation. I worked in medicine my whole career. I cannot imagine what they are facing down with another big go-around of this. Until we have a vaccine for this (and that albeit likely only 60% working for those who will TAKE it), we are, I am afraid, going to deal with this.

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