There was the recent story of the elderly woman who killed her son because he was going to put her in assisted living, and now there is the story out of Fort Lauderdale of the 53 y/o woman who killed her 87 y/o mother because she was left out of the will (and she did the caregiving).

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I'd like to know the rest of the story. She said she was the sole caregiver for the mother, so on the surface it seems quite unfair that she wasn't compensated in the will. Or maybe it was one of those situations where she lived in the mother's house, and then it was thought that she got free room and board, and that should suffice for an inheritance? (I think this is very wrong; room & board hardly compensates for fulltime caregiving!)

I hope we get to read more of the story.

Thanks for sharing. I'm appalled, but in some ways after reading of so much greed expressed in some of the posts here, I'm not really surprised.

The woman probably isn't going to get an inheritance now. If I'm correct, convicted felons (which I'm sure is her fate eventually) aren't entitled to grants or inheritances (have to check that out, as this is a vague recollection).

I posted not long ago about a man in my city who killed his mother. He was her sole caregiver for years—she had dementia. He had sibs but they chose to ignore the fact that Brother had mental issues all his life. Apparently they were too busy with their own lives and would not consider placing their mom. I believe they didn’t want Mom’s money to get eaten up by a nursing home.

Brother finally had it and snapped one day. He stabbed her in her bed. This was a heartbreaking story. You read more and more stories like this. It truly makes me wonder if we should all be wearing foil hats.

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