she didn't want to deal with the burdens of growing old.

I read California just passed a Right-to-Die law, though I haven't looked into the specifics.

We're all growing older - but that doesn't mean we'll all have a good quality of life! Before I became full-time caregiver to both aging parents, now just one parent, I didn't think about the issues of growing old - because I wasn't exposed to it as I'm an only child with no other blood relatives in the country. My parents immigrated to the USA for a better life. And growing up, I never saw my friends' aging and declining loved ones because they were living with someone else or they suddenly died or they were put in a "home", but I heard of their suffering from time to time. Yes, I knew growing old happens, but I just didn't have first-hand experience in seeing it, dealing with it.

When you have no quality of life - who wins? The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry! They're making bank on the debilitated while the family, if any, watches horribly in their loved one's decline.

How many times have you seen or heard of a commercial pushing a drug that sounds "great and wonderful" (people laughing and enjoying time with their family and friends) but following this commercial is another one of a lawsuit against that very "great and wonderful" drug because of its horrific side effects?

I hope when I'm my mother's age (I'm 44 now), Right-to-Die is a NATIONAL Law as I want to choice to end my life with dignity if I were to have no quality of life due to normal aging process or sudden-onset illness.

I won't be able to personally respond in a timely manner to every response, if any, because I've recently decided to put me a priority. I love Mom a lot, but my current situation is no longer tolerable. I need to create a life for me - it's my time now!!

Have a great day, y'all!

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Wanting to die is not such a simple thing. Even when the quality of life is gone, people do not want to die right away. I am thinking about when my mother has said, "I just want to die." I ask her if she wants to die today. She ponders a moment and says no. So in theory we may want to die, just not today. People want to die tomorrow or next week, but until it's time they choose not to die today. People seem to lack that Klingon spirit "It's a good day to die,"

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