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I know this is totally off topic, but we're now recovering from our "First Snowfall of the Season..." to quote the song, and it's inspired so much beauty as well as the urge to snuggle up with a good book (a fluffy warm cat would be a nice accompaniment) and just relax. I thought I'd reach out to see how others respond to these storms.

For those in winter areas, do storms excite you, or do you see them as more work? Do you watch the gentle path of tiny snowflakes as they fall silently from an overcast sky? Does the artist in you want to take photos to preserve the scene? Do the bakers want to make the house fragrant with delicious foods "from the oven"? (I'm thinking chocolate chip cookies here!)

If you dread going out into the zero or subzero wind chill weather, how do you prepare? Hot chocolate, mulled cider, herbal tea, flavored coffee?

Do you study the changing colors of the sky, often ranging from the pale white when snow is falling to baby blue with tufts of quickly moving clouds?

Do you get out garden catalogues and start marking off seeds or plants to buy next spring?


Starting off just to "get the ball rolling", as the saying goes...

The sky has changed over the last day or so and it's fascinating to watch. If I ever have the chance to design a "viewing room,", it would be one with windows on every side to watch the myriad colors of sunrise and sunset as well as the dramatic changes when storms approach.

Yesterday the back yard was literally a postcard picture because of the snow. White covered everything, with little snowflakes literally meandering softly down to create a nice fluffy blanket on the ground.

I saw rabbit tracks when I when out to do a little bit of car work before the storm. Knowing that little critters are still out and about, and hopefully will find shelter, is always kind of a heartwarming feeling. I began to think about that I could have done, and should do this next Spring, to create more shelter for them.

The winds grew stronger overnight, buffeting the shrubbery by knocking it around and banging up against the house. This morning, the branches of the arborvitae are literally kneeling over and touching the ground, laden heavily with big tufts of snow.

The wind is creating an aerial ballet in the multiple tall trees in the backyard. They're swaying back and forth, gently, and rhythmically, but are also reminders that I need to have a tree firm out in spring to cut them down before they crash down on their own.

And of course food is on my mind. I think I'll cook some chicken, warming the kitchen and stimulating my appetite (which really doesn't need any stimulation at all). Sweet potatoes sound like a good accompaniment. Fortunately, I don't have baking supplies or I'd be standing in front of the stove testing all the chocolate chip cookies as they bake.

So, what do you do? Please share your experiences!
The snow here is anything but gently meandering, more like horizontal mixed with swirls from every direction :(
I prepped for my trek to the NH by layering up with a pair of tights under my pants, wrapped a scarf around my neck and topped off with a knit headband over a baseball cap...I want a hat with a peak to keep the snow off my glasses but I've never found anything warm that isn't either hideous or outrageously expensive. I've been toying with the idea of making my own.
Food is on my mind too... how I'll have to either cut back or buy new winter clothes (lol). It's a great time of year to get the crock pot out and make wonderful soups , stews and chili. Mulled wine and cider never appealed, but a little Baileys or Kahlua in my coffee... yum!
I used to wear leotards under sweat pants when I went for walks in the winter... a long, long time ago.

I've never thought of a peaked hat to keep snow off glasses. Come to think of it, Dad always wears his hat with a visor (the baseball style hats) wherever he goes.

I think I may have a few in an upstairs closet; that would really help when shoveling snow. I'll have to search for them; that'll be a project in itself.

Thinking about making one....I think you could probably cut a piece of cardboard or even use a fabric stiffener but I'm not sure how it could be fastened to a basic hat. Have to think about that; if you decide to make one, I'd appreciate it if you share your thoughts.

Thinking some could probably be purchased and reverse engineered to make a pattern....if they're cheap enough to be taken apart.

That's a good excuse to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and spend a few hours lazily thumbing through the pattern books. Maybe there are some patterns available.

Take care while visiting the nursing home. Sounds like you've got some rough weather to deal with.
I love watching it fall. I hate going out in it or driving. My younger daughter age 18, but think between 8-12 goes out and brings in large bowls of snow to eat.

I love the snow as long as I don’t have to go to work.

I especially love red cardinals perched on a branch that has snow on it. Love this.
I love watching the snow fall and the peace and quiet it brings. 

I love feeding the birds especially the day after a good snow- I will trudge out there and clean the feeder so the seed doesn’t get wet for them.

But...there were plenty of mornings when I had to get out to work especially when I was a dialysis nurse. Techs couldn’t begin dialysis without a RN present. Those patients had to have treatment and if they made it, then so would I. 

But I haven’t had a job where I have had to go out for 3 years & love snow now. Thank heavens.

If it snowed back when I was a clinical nurse, it better have been Saturday night into Sunday!
We recently got a nice light blanket of snow here. (NC) LOVED seeing it come down. It was cold too. I was able to put on my fleece lined leggings, that I had put in the donate pile, since, I didn't think I'd be able to wear them due to being too hot. Oh no.....they felt great. I snuggled up with my remote and just watched some tv, while looking at my Christmas decorations! LOVE that too.

My only qualms are having to get out on the slippery roads. I used to enjoy it more slipping around the streets a little, but, now, I'm not amused at the prospect of sliding in a ditch or getting property damage. lol I don't enjoy the prospect of having to venture out on snow or ice to the ER, if my LO has to go. So far, it hasn't happened, but, you never know.
Snow is falling on my garden
Whirling, dancing lightly down.
Snow is sparkling on the branches
Of the trees tall and brown.

But the flowers are not forgotten
Spring will bring them all to light.
For the frost in dreams has traced them
On my window last night.
CWillie, lovely poem. I can visualize both the winter and spring seasons from the lovely descriptions.
I get out my camera. A couple of weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and glanced out the bathroom window. The sky was spectacular with pillars of light in a green gold stretching up into the night. As I worked to find the right camera setting to capture the scene, they slowly faded to soft pinks and blues. In an hour or so they were gone. 

Wikipedia -  they are caused by the interaction of light with ice crystals, light pillars belong to the family of halos. 
I am jealous! I love the snow and the beauty and silence, muffled sounds it brings. I have not seen a good snow in two years. Kansas only had ice store's while I was there. Here we should have had at least one good storm. But nothing measurable in, what did weather report say, 66 days. The last measurable was only 1.5 inches. But, MAYBE this weekend. HUMPH!

When a good storm is coming I head to the store to buy chili fixins' mmmm, nothing better on a cold snowy night with a bit of salad and crusty French bread or flour tortillas.

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