Couldn't find much info on this, and not sure where to ask, but I've read that the President has approved work requirements for programs like Medicaid, and that Ohio had been considering adding work requirements for Medicaid. Are they going to do this? I'm currently a 24/7 caregiver for my father, and worry about him without me being there. He can't get any additional help right now. Will I be required to look for work this year, and if so, when? Anyone know?

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Thanks for all the information, guys. Sounds like I might be ok.

MS has “work” requirements for over a year now for state at need programs. It’s really affected SNAP. There are exemptions for those who are providing “in kind” work, in school or a workforce training program. For at home care it’s considered “in kind” & for MS you need documentation from dads physician that he needs 40 or more hours a week of care and why. The why could be tied into physicians office putting in the ICD-10 codes in the letter. ICD are what insurance Medicare etc use to determine diseases, care plans, the docs office know what’s what in this.

If your living at your dads house, you want to safeguard the letter. The reason why is that if later on in a yr or 2 & dad should need a higher level of care and he needs to go into a facility and onto Medicaid to pay for the NH, you can use the letter to establish the caregiver exemption to Medicaids required MERP aka estate recovery program. If there’s no exemptions or exclusions to MERP then in theory a lien or a claim can be placed onto his house with proceeds from the sale of the property used to reimburse Medicaid for what Medicaid paid. By getting the caregiver exemption it allows you to transfer ownership of his home to you without “gifting” penalty. If you find later on, your facing placing dad in a facility, do a post and folks will have suggestions as to how to do the Medicaid application beforehand. 

The draft document I found online, by Googling Ohio Medicaid Work Requirement) indicates exemptions for those over 50 and those caring for an incapacitated or disabled family member.

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