I'm curious. If you're a caregiver with siblings, are they good siblings...or not? If they're not manning up and helping in one way or another with the elderly parent, what are their reasons? There are siblings out there that have perfectly good and sound reasons for not being able to help with care giving...they might have their own health issues to deal with, or maybe they're struggling financially themselves, or maybe they're too far away.... I'm talking about siblings that live next door, could help, but don't. Siblings that do have, at least some, time and money to help, but don't..

I have lived in a cave for a long time. This really interests me. I'm boggled by these stories.

I don't have siblings. I'm an only child. I used to hate that. I always wanted siblings. I'm beginning to think that I really do like it this way... I thought siblings were supposed to have your back, especially when the going gets rough, especially in something like a care giving role...

If I had a brother, who had money, time to sleep and relax and go on vacation, who never lifted a finger to help me ... BUT LOOK! Wheeee! You get to see PICTURES!!! of the LATEST vacation, :D!!!! I would lose it. I admit it. That would royally piss me off..

How you do guys cope with this, remain on good and civil terms...or do you?

You feel you have siblings doing nothing, but could be if they wanted to? Feel free to bitch about them here, too... Sometimes, bitching can be a good thing, in the right place... At least here we get why...

I'd really like to understand how these AWOL siblings justify what they're doing...or not doing...

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