OMG. I am ready to kick somebody's @ss. I am a nice person. I am good at caring for my dad and want to. However, my mother who is mentally incapacitated and getting worse - and - his main caregiver - sent him to me. Then decided she didn't want to deal with him, but wouldn't put me on his paperwork. (Control freak - and - paranoid about $$$)

So across 90 miles she keeps making plans then backing out. And has called and texted me no less than 100 x over this. In a week. And I want it to STOP. She even called my work. OMG. So I threatened her with APS. And got her in line real quick. After Dad is in a place - she is next. As I have been kind. I have been understanding. And now I'm done doing anything else except getting her to get her SHIZ together.

Don't tell me to be more patient. IT's been years. And she pulls this crap. Constantly and has before she was older. OMG. Looney Tunes!! USA.

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I think that you have made the right decision! Take back your life!

You're right. And I'll get her on that if she backs out again. Thank you.

Might what your mother did to your father be considered abandonment?

He still has rights to *his* money. Help him however you can.

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