Just like to talk?

"Perhaps you became more talkative to make up the difference in a relationship with a partner who didn’t talk much.
Compulsive talking Garrulity, can be associated with dementia, or cognitive impairment"
Chatterbox, Long-winded. Neurologist?

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I am a long time chronic pain patient. I have discovered that I talk almost non-stop starting about 20 mins after I take a pain pill. If there is no human around I talk to the dog. It must be a side effect of the opioids.

I have known people - sexism aside, I must say they're usually ladies - who give the strong impression that they cannot breathe without talking. It's as though they need to talk to get the air pumped into their lungs. It can become really quite wearing.

I have also observed that morphine can indeed produce garrulity. One normally laconic gentleman I know won't shut up after he's taken his meds; I don't know how long the effect lasts but it was at least twenty minutes before I could politely get off the phone to him.

However. The key question is: is this talkativeness usual in the person you are describing? If anything has changed, and doesn't have an obvious and harmless explanation, that's when you need a professional opinion.

Some people have always liked to talk a lot.

Others may indeed be lonely.

I have known a few husbands that have purposely turned off their hearing aids if their wives were extra chatty!

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