Medicaid varies State to State. I am in CA and brought my sister (dementia) back here, when I found her in Oklahoma. She never married, no children, always said she was a "ghost writer" (penniless) and continued her snarky personality. I became her POA to help her + access her medical and financial records. I didn't even know what an Assisted Living facility was for her first 6 months with me. I (for her)applied for Medicaid/MediCal = Cal Optima in CA; then applied for AL Waiver by going to their office with completed paper work. I read, reread and again read every page, filled in every section 100% and attached copies of exactly what they requested. I hand-carried it to their office, having a scheduled appt. The counselor "called in sick" that day so an unknown saw me. She was more of a challenge than talking with my sister. I hesitated leaving the 10 page form + attachments with her...but I had a complete copy @ home also. (ALWAYS) keep a copy (dated) of everything. Sis was on the Waiver waiting list for 18 months, then "accepted, interviewed (with me) and has 6 months to move to a waivered facility...which are full with waiting lists here in Orange County, CA. The ALW program is a fairly new state program so funding remains a big issue. She remains in her AL (cash) facility until a bed opens @ the residence I hope to move her to. (2 miles from my home) Two patients there are on Hospice.??? Moving patients with dementia increases their dementia/ I am hoping this next move will be her last. She needs to move to an ALW facility anywhere in CA within 6 months or she will lose the waiver. The clock is ticking!!!

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Sis is currently in AL but awaiting opening in AL WAIVER facility. Not enough facilities in the OC; not enough openings. 6 months to relocate goes quickly. Her current AL "applied" to be a waived facility 6 months ago but so far nada!! Their
corporation in other CA counties (not Orange County) has had approval for a 2 years so her facility knows the ropes. Time marches on!

You can always check the posters profile, many posters have their location on their profile. Hope your sister gets into an AL within 6 months. It is hard in this state because there are waitlists for every type of housing assistance. And for AL, only certain counties accept Medi-cal waivers which makes it even harder to find placement :(

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