Well I thought I would put something here. Just in case others have run into this. I had a friend refer me to an older couple
Who were their neighbors. Mr x suffered a stroke, was in icu for almost 2 1/2 weeks in icu then onto the Rest of the hospital for another month. He was then dismissed home, but stayed home. A month, then back into the hospital for now another several weeks. Here are the problems....first, the Dr said he would never walk, talk eat again....something must be done....two days later he was up, walking, talking and eating. Next...all this time hospital social service never contacted family. The wife was never told of "The plan"...when at discharge, the nurse said she would call the nursing home and they could pick him up....she was floored,
no one said anything about it to her. She took him home to care for him. The family does not have much money..They have been having to sell off items to pay for insurance, etc. He was in wwII, and she ask the local veterans commander if there was help, he said no, only when you go into the home.

I believe all of the community services failed them.....first the hospital, then the senior care workers, the local senior center, and
The local vertebrae commander. For those of you out there, help is available.

If noboby is willing to help go to

Also, if VA, don't take the word from a local, Yes, the VA has caseworkers available to help, and you can contact them direct, you do not have to go thru the local Commander, no matter what they say.

If you know of an elder in need, please help them find might take some work, if the locals don't have a clue, or don't really want to do anything.

Thank you

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thats just wrong. mrs x should have been front and center in all negotiations. ive had plenty of experience with medical people jumping to conclusions and formulating plans without the input of family also. its like many of them sacrifice common sense for intense booklearning. we were told that my mother was going to be in opiate rehab for 20 days and family visitation would be strongly restricted. the next morning we were told that mom had possibly had another heart attack and we should come spend time with her. translated that meant medicare isnt going to pay for this foolish drug rehab program and were real busy so come sit with your mom for the few hours it takes us to erect another plan. blatantly lied to us on several counts. i dont like jerks who impede medicine and second guess the docs to death but i can see where the family needs to be proactive and demand answers and updates.

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