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Sure do know what American Chop Suey is. My elderly mothers favorite. I alway make an extra batch and bring it to my mother. All she has to do is heat it up in a micowave. It is always better cooked the second time around.
MMMMMMM I want me some ebelskivers! Sounds yummy!
I'm the boring, healthy one tonight -- salmon, greens, and potatoes. Nothing to liven it up at all except a cookie for dessert. Gee, now I want some ebelskivers, too.

Really, I love salmon anyway it can be cooked.
love salmon any way too

tonight ham, creamy mushroom, onion pasta with lots of black pepper, avocado pesto, and green peas. Probably throw a few grape tomatoes on for colour
Take out Chinese from my favorite place that my hubby surprised me with
Emjo, that sounds so good. Love pasta in any incarnation. You had me at creamy mushroom...Yum!

Wing night was a bust with lines out the door. Not standing around in -2. Went to the next town over for their chicken dinner. Hee! Had to wear our coats the whole time it was so cold. The place was dead as a doornail. The 1/4 chicken dinner consisted of a leg the size of a drummie and a tiny thigh. Fries were soggy but the toast was good. Glad it was cheap, relatively speaking nowadays. Didn't complain because I'm just not that way.

It was good to get out and the people that work there are so nice. A Bacardi and Coke and free popcorn didn't hurt either.

Took some beef out of the freezer to make a spicy stir-fry tomorrow for my Szechuan craving.

Okay, I think I might know what American Chop Suey is....does it involve ground beef?
Is there any other kind of chop suey besides American?
Tonight it was Curried Sweet Potato soup with cheesy garlic bread :-)
Tonight was home made vegetable soup and crescent rolls. Soup is good when the weather is cold the high today was 8 and the windchill -12 oh my can't wait for Spring to b here
Anyone here make latkes?

The big latke question is, "Do you squeeze the moisture out of the potatoes or not?"

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