Do you ever dream about your LOs? After becoming a caretaker, I have had repeated dreams over the last 5 years. She must be on my mind more than I know.

I am surprised, since for most of that time, I have not been a hands on caregiver. My LO, (cousin) is in MC. But, in my dreams about my LO (who now has End stage dementia. On Hospice.) she is always doing so great! She is usually, in her wheelchair, but, getting around good. She talks, knows me and others and is good health. In my dreams, I'm preplexed, because I I can't make sense of how she has advanced dementia, but, yet is doing so well. we are normally, somewhere else, not at the MC.

Sometimes, she is so well, that I am considering her living on her own! Last night, I dreamed that I took her to the movies and she drove herself home afterwards! I'm wondering if this is a sign that she's going home....I mean, the real home in Heaven.

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I had a really bad nightmare last night. Woke up trembling.

I fell asleep earlier in the day because I was tired from not sleeping well so now I am wide awake when I should be sleeping. Grrrrr

Sometimes dreams are just the mind's way of sorting out things, or figuring where recent experiences fit within our large chest of memories. My dreams lately have combinations of places and events from places and times all jumbled together.  Maybe they have something in common.  Maybe not.  They just are, some with a message I can figure, some not.  Enjoy.

It could mean exactly what you are thinking. I have dreams too that I feel are some type of message, our subconscious mind telling us something. Therapists even speak about lucid dreams. They have value and are important to working out issues.

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