We all know that eventually our elder loved ones may experience serious illness and eventually death. It is a fact of life that everyone young and old knows is coming, but it does not make it any easier to talk about. For those who are prepared, it makes these challenging times more manageable.

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I'm fortunate that my loved one and I had discussed issues like dementia, terminal illness, health care decisions, etc. throughout our lives, especially when seniors in our family were very ill or near death. My cousin and her mom had selected Palliative care when my aunt became ill. So, it was so much easier to know that that is what she wanted when she got dementia.

I still read as much professional material as I could locate, as well as discussing it with assisted living professionals and her doctors. I have found that there are always questions that arise though. You have to consider what is Palliative and what may not be. It involves quite a bit or research.

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