What would you do if you no longer had to care for your loved one?


I had a friend ask me recently what I would do once my Mom is not around to care for.... I had to think...

Aside from maybe caring for my brother and/or sister, I would get back to the gym...I would also like to spend a few times per year visiting my daughter, who lives 8 hours away.... But, maybe the first thing I would do is clean my house.... My husband has been very supportive of my going to Mom's every day and staying until after dinner time. But, a thorough house cleaner he is not :-)....

How about you? What would you do?



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Breathe a huge sigh of relief!!!

Relax and regain my health.

Susan, You reminded me of a phone conversation my husband had not long ago... A political party called for donations. My husband told the person that he would not give credit card information over the phone. After telling the solicitor that several times, my husband said, "You should run for Congress because you aren't listening to me." It was good for a laugh.

I do have a sign that I keep on my door - it doesn't stop all solicitors, but most of them do leave when they see it. I did have one very stubborn politician keep knocking at my door, even when my huge dog attacked the door, and when I finally went to the door because he wouldn't quit knocking, he yelled through the door, "I'm running for Congress!" I yelled back, "I wouldn't vote for you if you were the last man on earth, because you obviously can't read!" (pointing at the sign) He yells back, "Yes, but I'm running for Congress!"
Incredible....no wonder our country is in such bad shape.

Sign reads:
No Politics
No Religious Causes
No Flyers Left on Door
No Sales of Any Kind

Violators will be reported.

For the most part, it works - but there are always a few....

Susan (my real name, too! :-) ) Love the sign! I remember the parents of a childhood friend had a recording for their voicemail that included something like: 'If you are selling insurance, we are not interested. Everyone else could leave a message.' Of course, that was years ago.... Now we get all kinds of calls. The one good thing is the blocker we have that will catch many of the robo calls.

Mapotter - I hear you on the phone solicitors - they fall under the same category as the door knockers in my book - but at least I can block their numbers (sometimes have to do it repeatedly...).

I had one call a few years back when I was still caregiving for Mom and was having a particularly rough day. He called on the landline phone (which we still had at the time) and was trying to sell me satellite tv service. I politely said we weren't interested and to take our number off his list. He responded rudely, "If you don't want sales calls, you shouldn't have your number in the phone book!"
I completely lost my cool with that one - Mom heard me say a few words she'd never heard me say in her presence before.

I still like the no soliciting sign I saw once:

We don't need a new vacuum.
We don't need a new roof.
We don't vote.
We've found Jesus.

Seriously....if you're not selling Thin Mints, GO AWAY!

GardenArtist, sorry for the delay in answering your last question.
For several years I have had problems walking very far, like 100yds or more. So I haven't done any hiking here in Vegas. I would love to get out and do some of the hiking here.
There are really many places. Red Rock park and Valley of the Fire just to name two. Now with DW having dementia I have worries just going to collect the mail. So I read and collect some of the various tools of hiking and camping.

SusanA43, let me know if you invent a wired doormat. I'd love to have one!

What I did once when some commonly known religious people were walking up and down the street, and they ignored my sign of "no religious, political, window, construction, salesmen, ...." and tried to save me anyways, was to wait until they got off the porch, went to their car, then I went outside and very visibly wrote down the license plate number, make, model and color of their car.

If I had it to do again, I would take my cell phone with me, get the car data, then pretend to make a call. Hopefully they would think I was calling the police.

Sometimes I've called the grocery stores that leave their ads on the porch and complimented them on hiring people who can't read (with no criticism of someone who is illiterate). They don't understand, so I explain that I have a no soliciting sign on my door, yet someone left ads or whatever on my porch for their store, so I assume that they hired someone who can't read.

There's always a long pause, so I end the call with complimenting them again but suggesting that they hire someone who can read as I don't appreciate having to pick up their trash. Then I hang up before they can figure out what to say.

We also have an ordinance against soliciting in our community.

MountainMoose, have a safe, pleasant and relaxing journey home.

MaPotter, I got responses like you did when I told off the guys pretending to be from Dell or Microsoft calling to alert me that my computer was "infected." Then I started toying with them, asking what kind of infection plagued my computer, what antibiotics I needed to put inside the computer to cure the infection, and more ridiculous retorts.

SusanA43 — I love this! “....wired doormat that gives them a jolt....or an ejection doormat that sends them flying back out into the street.” Would be great for pesky in-laws, too. 😁

She1934, I am with you on eating. The ocean is very soothing. Reconnecting to family is always good. I am glad I have been able to stay in touch with some of my extended family online. That is one good thing about social media. (Maybe the only thing! :-)) I also don't feel so far away from my kids when I can drop them a text. (I am not much of a phone-talker...)

Moose, It all seems so hard. I am not looking forward to having to sell my childhood home, and often have anxiety about that. I can't imagine having to do that if I was living in another state. I feel for you. Hugs.

Susan, I wish we had emojis... I would use an angry one. I dislike solicitors who don't listen. I could tell you a story of a phone solicitor when I told him to take my number off his list... , but his response was not one I could repeat here....

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