Older sister and younger sister conspire to invest mom's money, except that they are not including my mom in their decisions. References are made to her dementia. I drew up living trust in my name, legally, with mom as sole beneficiary. Trust money can be spent on mom ONLY after her pension and house rental check are spent on her.. Here's the problem. Older sister who cares for mom is being defiant and she is not communicating with me about mom's pension and retirement funds. I am not required to release from the trust unless she shows proof of how she is spending mom's money. I'm nervous. Would you be? I just want to do this right and my sister's not telling me what she's doing and she recently denied me the ability to talk to my mom. I'm going to the governer's office so that they can tell my sister she has to let mom talk to me...

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I sorry your going thru this. I had a similar situation with my grandmother. Her son's girlfriend had credit cards in her name, cell phone, and her account was always messed. Def get an attorney so you can protect your mom. If one of them have POA it makes it hard.. I got a lucky break when a home nurse called APS.

You probably will need an estate attorney. A lot depends on who has Power Of Attorney, but since there are issues between siblings, and this is pretty complicated, I'd seek out an attorney - either elder attorney or estate attorney. Good luck,

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