I think this is the name of a book directed for cancer patients. I suppose I will look on the internet for the answer. I remember it had some great tips and ideas.

Last week, I started taking protein powder drinks. Just add water or milk. Getting the blender out for such a simple drink is more effort than I want to do every morning. I looked at my empty TALENTI GELATO, one pint jar. PERFECT. The top screws on/off. I added my protein powder, 1/2 cup non fat milk, and 1/4 cup water. I screwed on the top, gave it a good shake, and drank it. This jar is just the right size to fit in my hands. I bought a jar for Moms place, choclolate mint. Just to make sure, I am bringing down Tahitian Vanilla gelato, and tell care takers to keep the jar so I can make sure I can make Mom a quick protein drink when I am there. I think this will be more economical than the already mixed protein bottles, and it's so easy.....Milk and a bit of water doesn't taste bad at all. I can't wait to get the strawberry next.

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