Hello, I am a volunteer with homebound patients and I've become increasingly interested in this issue. As an exercise, I cam up with a list of things to do when your patient is in a bad mood. Most of this is light in tone, but there are some more serious ideas. Can some folks take a look at this and let me know what you think when you get a chance? Thanks!

What to do with a cranky patient:

A cranky patient can make your day very hard. If your patient is in a bad mood, try to make them feel good. Using humor might do the trick! Here are some ideas in case you need a little inspiration:

1) Dance! Dance! Dance!

Don't be afraid to let loose! Your patient might appreciate your best Electric Slide or The Hustle!

2) Tell a joke or a funny story.

Laughter is the best medicine!

3) Make them feel special!

Draw a silly portrait of them!

4) Sing one of your favorite happy songs.

Don't worry if you aren't the best singer! Music is known to bring joy!

5) Give them a treat!

Everyone needs a little reward once in a while. Why not give your patient some ice cream or a cookie? Think of their favorite dessert!

Humor can be an excellent way to cheer your patient up, but it's also important to take a serious approach.

1) Be understanding!

Everyone has bad days. Don't let your patient's mood change yours! Stay positive! They count on you!

2) Be supportive!

Tell them that you understand. Ask them to talk to you about what they're feeling and LISTEN!

3) Be kind!

A little kindness goes a long way! Put yourself in their shoes! Remind them that you care about them.

4) Be patient!

Don't lose your temper! If your patient is upset, silently count to ten before you respond. Stay calm.

5) Be respectful!

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Speak softly to them. Be gentle. Be encouraging.

Your patients will struggle from time to time. They need you to stay strong! You can help them just by being there for them.

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