my hubby passed away in 2005 I cared for him at home by myself with no help from his family for 3 years We were living in Florida when he was dx with stage 4 prostate cancer, he was 51. We moved to Canada where he was from I cried through 4 states for him, for me, for having to leave my family, for having to go to into the unknown. its a long story. anyway after he passed I had a month to pack up our stuff and move back to Florida . I was home 2 months and my mother got sick and has gone down hill since I've been here. I feel like I have been mourning and caregiving for 8 years now. I 'm so tired. I know I should do things for myself. the hardest thing in the situation I'm in now is I live with them so i can't go home.

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There's a woman in my Bible study that just lost her husband 2 months ago. He'd had a stroke 20 years before and the doctors thought he should have died. Although he wasn't paralyzed to speak of, he was never the same mentally and for the last 20 years my friends whole world has revolved around the needs of her husband. Suddenly he's gone, and she was totally 'at sea' as to what to do now. At first she couldn't concentrate or keep a thought in her head. She was afraid she was losing her marbles, but she wasn't. Her brain was just over loaded and needed time to heal. With the Lords help, along with us her friends, and vitamin B, she is doing much better. What you need is a rest. Can you find someone to take over for awhile so that you can relax your body and mind? If there's isn't someone that can take over for you for a time, check into respite care at an asst living place or something. You will be no good to anyone if your brain goes AWOL. And get some vitamin B complex, it's great for stress.

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